Korinna Zoya Hunter

I am born intuitive, becoming aware of my first spiritual gifts since I was six years old. I knew I was different to the others. As my gifts were not acknowledged at the time they slowly got shunned. Not only this, I had endured a lot of trauma in my childhood, abuse from every angle. I felt completely alone and unsupported, felt like nobody nowhere. It did not help that I had selective mutism. Not surprisingly I was  diagnosed as being on the spectrum as an adult. I was a big dreamer, and prayed that a happy ending will soon come. The trauma and abuse continued well into my adulthood which resulted in me being in a spiritual and emotional wreck. It progressed into CPTSD.

I completely understand pain and trauma. Finally when I turned 40,  I drastically changed my lifepath and with some bravery, I went on the opposite direction to what I had been conditioned to. I went out of my comfort zone. I was aware that I still need a lot of healing to take place so I began to seek out alternative therapists for some support. I was shocked and surprised by the many therapist that I came across that made me feel worse about myself, and some that even didn't want to work with me, made me feel invalidated etc. So pretty much I have learned the hard way and had to start from rock bottom! 

Of course I understand that one has to take responsibility for oneself, but Complex and repeated trauma survivors need a much more gentler approach and not being pointed the finger at. They are already traumatised as they are. They need to understand how they got to that state in the first place, why they haven't recovered from their trauma yet, why they keep getting caught up in similar situations again and again.

So having this experience has further deepened my senses, made me more intuitive and see things with such clarity, see things that often others miss. My past experiences has pushed me towards into this direction, seeking to understand the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. I understood I was in a bad shape spiritually, emotionally etc but at the same time I had such sheer determination and will to find out the root cause of everything. I became my own spiritual investigator, took many studies, read a lot of books etc. Finally, my spiritual gifts began to re-awaken, I began to really awaken. I began to have many mystical experiences and knew that I was going through major shifts and changes, like  I was shapeshifting into a new me. Then channelling spontaneously occurred!  My ascension journey took off like the speed of a rocket after that! There was no stopping me now. You too dear reader can achieve this, to radically change your life, and live the life that you deserve. I am not intending to say that you have to reach rock bottom before you come to me, even if your life is in order, you know who you are, are an energy or spiritual healer yourself but you feel stuck in some area, have lost your passion. feel like you need to upskill or change something but not really sure of what is the next step.  Whatever you situation may be, I am here to support you. All you need to have is the sheer commitment to your spiritual path and wellbeing and really want to change, really want to let go of what no longer serves you, and willing to metamorphize and shapeshift into the real authentic you. I am here as a spiritual alchemist to guide, mentor, activate your light body, help you to align to your highest calling! 

My approach is very gentle and non judgemental as I know what's it like to be there in your shoes and how brutal people can be towards you even when you are already doing all that you can with the limited resources that you have to reclaim your life back. Being a heart based being, I operate from a pure heart space and telepathically am able to read pure vessels of Source Consciousness, and draw light in from Source Consciousness and deliver them to you with ascension codes as I hold ascension codes to assist humanity in their spiritual awakening as well as to assist healing in any timeline and dimension.

I with your willing participation will find and bring out the real you. The part of you where joy resides, where you feel whole and complete. I will remind you who you are at a soul level, the essence of you, your higher power. Once you experience your higher power, activate it, you will find that inner strength so that when you feel down or overwhelmed you can find yourself again and follow your real life path, live more richly. And magic begins to happen!

As I have been where you are, I understand perfectly well what you are going through and I will be that guiding light, that guiding torch showing you a clear safe path for you to follow and really come home to yourself.

I have a very relaxed and creative approach and will make you feel fully safe, held and protected.

I have always been a dreamer and I kid you not when I tell you that in senior school, I even got a mock award that I was the best day dreamer in maths! But you know what, I am proud that I am a dreamer and believe that dreams can come true!

For those of you curious about my starseed origins, I originate from Lyra but but also have Blue Avian, Arcturian, Sirian, Orion, Andromedan, Pleaidian, Spica, Mintaka and connected to the water nymphs and mermaids and had several lives in Lemuria and Atlantis. I currently serve as a channel for the Sirian Council of Light. I have been a master healer and High Priestesses in several of them and am from the Sisterhood of the Roses. In this lifetime I have merged with one of my Master Healer aspects and am awakening and mastering more gifts so that I can best serve you on your ascension journey. 

I am a certified Spiritual mentor and Healer by The Divine Temple org, certified Self Directed Healing Practitioner and Sacred Flower Essence Practitioner and have Diploma in Energy healing as well as a channelling certificate from Channelling Spirit Academy by Athina Bailey. 

It will be an honour to assist you on your journey of healing and expansion.