To make booking please make selection and email me your availability at  Payment has to be made before service.

3 one-on-one Womb healing sessions with light language

This session is more than just connecting with your physical womb space. Strengthening and healing your womb space will allow you to manifest to your fullest potential, enhance your creativity, align you with your ultimate highest timeline, original divine blue print so that you will be able to complete your mission here on earth. Besides that it will also enhance your abundance and prosperity in life! You will also strengthen your connection your soul and star family and to the greater cosmic divine womb, to the whole universe.

In this session I will guide you to your womb space, with an activating and guided meditation. Here we will dive deeply together to clear out old programs and patterns that no longer serve you. There will be deep cellular healing, DNA upgrade with light language activation.

 Three sessions will allow us to go deeply to the issue that you want to work on. We will also do cleansing on your chakras, work on your divine masculine and divine feminine aspects too. inner child healing, and call upon the assistance of ascended Masters ie Lady Venus, Mary Magdalene, Angelic guides, Galactic Guides, Goddesses, elementals, Dragon energies etc so this is a full deep healing and transformational healing package!

By the end of the three sessions it is possible that you might activate and connect with your soul song!

This will be delivered ideally one week apart and will be for one hour each session.

You will also receive free email correspondence or a WhatsApp call if you need some support in between sessions.

Total investment is A$555 and will be done via skype or WhatsApp or other live video call options.

Personalised High Frequency Activations & Quantum Healing

In this session I summon the  intelligent light language of source to clear out outdated codes and anchor in new coding within your vessel, activating dormant DNA, unlocking gifts and cultivating healing in your highest power!

This will raise your frequency and vibrations to match that which your soul seeks, for example, deep meaningful personal relationships, attracting your Twin Flame, finding your Divine Union partner, alchemising  your frequency to  abundance,  enhanced creativity, birthing a new you and so much more! 

Energy exchange is A$222 for a one hour session.

You will receive email correspondence from me and or a WhatsApp call if you in need of additional support after the session is delivered.

It will be delivered via Skype or WhatsApp live video call. Other call options will be considered if these are not suitable for you.

One-on-one Spiritual healing & Mentoring session 

This one on one session will involve assessing your Akashic records, channelling your higher self to get to the root of the presenting issue. The focus will be more on spiritual mentoring with guided meditation and of course with the assistance of Angelic Light beings as I channel Angelic light language and your spirit team. If you strongly resonate with the angelic beings and you identify as one I can also do an etheric Angel wings activation as well and this will enhance your empath and healing abilities as well. I am a Seraphim Angel myself, I am deeply connected to the angelic realm.

It is very similar to the previous listing of light language activation but it will focus more on spiritual mentoring, guided meditation, coaching etc . 

It is recommended to have three sessions to have deeper results, however you are more than welcome to just book in one. Concession rate is available for this offer.  Please message me.

Energy exchange for one-on-one is A$250 for a 1.5hour duration and with email support correspondence if needed after session or a WhatsApp call.

If you choose a three package sessions, the  energy exchange is A$650 so this will give you a total of A$100 savings!

Soul Purpose Gift  Activation

I have mastered the art of Light Language. Through this wonderful ancient tool,  I activate and awaken dormant remembering, gifts and soul aspects associated with your soul purpose . I will channel the exact codes needed for your soul purpose to activate fully within your DNA!.

This session will be completely channelled in light language. I will of course provide you with a brief overview for what came through and you are free to ask any questions in the end.

The duration of this session is between 40-45 minutes and the energy exchange is A$144.

It will be delivered via a Skype live video call, or WhatsApp. Other options will be considered if these aren't suitable for you so please contact me.

Self Directed Healing

I would like to welcome you my new offering. Self Directed Healing is a new but wonderful tool to support your emotional wellbeing.. It helps you to make decisions that are more empowered and build a healthier relationship with yourself and others. You will become emotional freer, authentic ,  create the life that you want and not controlled or easily influenced by another. What I mean by this is that often we carry toxic emotions and stuff that is not ours to begin with. For example carrying on beliefs/thoughts patterns of our parents and what others have been feeding us and we start taking it as our own. 

Emotions are energy. And if we are holding on to toxic emotions or beliefs, what happens is that the energy of these emotions becomes denser which then could play a part in your physical health bringing un-ease and hence disease can start kicking in. Often what we find is that when deeply stuck toxic emotion or belief is released, often our health also improves by default. So this works on a deep cellular level. Like in somatic based therapies it is believed that immediately after trauma has taken place whether it be physical, emotional, sexual etc it has to be felt, released etc so that it doesn't get trapped into the cellular memory of your body and causing us ongoing long term suffering. SDH is just one of many modalities that help us to heal from emotional trauma and much more.

It is recommend for one to have three sessions for deeper results, however you are more than welcome to just book in for one. 

Each session runs for 1.5-2 hours and the energy exchange is A$250.  Concession rate is available for this offer, so please message me to see if you meet the requirements.

If you choose to have 3 sessions you can pay a one lump sum payment of A$650 so that is a A$100 discount.

Sessions will be done under Skype or WhatsApp video call.

Dragon light language Activation & Mini Healing

In this session I will connect with your higher self and oversoul and activate your dragon aspect so you can start to connect with this aspect of yourself and activate your inner Dragon Light Language! With this tool, you will deepen your intuition and tap into your gifts, awakening dormant gifts and ability to heal yourself. All I ask, is for you to come with an open mind.

If there is an activation that you are interested in and that is not listed here, please message me and I will let you know if I can offer it to you for the same energy exchange. Please see the questions and answers section and the above listing of Customised Light Language to have a look of other activations that I offer. If there is any activation that you do not see listed and that you are interested in, please don't hesitate to message me and I will let you know if I can offer it to you.

Energy exchange for this session is A$77.

It will be delivered on Skype or WhatsApp. I will do an audio recording of the session for your convenience.

Flower Essence & Aura Reading with Light Language Activation

In this reading you will not only get an intuitive oracle card reading but you will also receive the messages from the flowers themselves personalised for you. I will connect to the higher consciousness of the flower and channel its message through light language. Don't worry, I will give you a translation as well and can also provide you with a pdf written version of this reading. I can do it remotely or through skype. You chose. Also you will have the option to have a flower essence personally made for you with additional light codes channelled in them!

The energy exchange for this session is A$130 without the essence and A$150 with a prepared flower essence for you take. Shipping outside of Australia will incur an additional fee so please message me.