Questions and Answers

What is light language?

Light language is both an ancient and futuristic language. It is the original form of communication, when everything was communicated with codes, tones before "language" as we know it was formed. With light language you can communicate with all beings, right down from the humble daisy flower and bee to the Humpback whale and cosmic light beings. It connect and unites us all, understood by heart and soul, by our higher consciousness and the higher consciousness of all beings as we are all created by source. I have mastered this Light language channelling, and discovered its many utilities, I can't wait  to assist you

What do you mean by being a conduit or a vessel?

By conduit, I am referring to a spiritual kind. It is someone who serves as a vessel for source consciousness, to the spiritual realm, and other dimensions. One who is  is able to retrieve and hold light and information for others and deliver it to them through channelling. There is different ways to channel information from source and I do it through light codes and light language and using my clairsentience ( ability to feel spirit and energy including emotions in ones body and its movement, and also being able to interpret it ) and claircognisance ( just intuitively knowing information, knowing something with certainty, that it is so) . 

Who are my ideal clients?

Bottom line, is that I am here as a spiritual guide to support you on your journey, serving as a bridge, a catalyst, a cosmic portal so that you can get there and start living your life  authenticity and unlimited as you are unlimited! 

How are your sessions delivered? Are your services offered in person as well?

Currently, I am offering sessions only online via skype or facebook messenger. Online group healing sessions and activations will also be available online via facebook event pages. I will keep you informed of my next upcoming online workshop. In the event that you are not able to attend online I can do it remotely with the exemption of Self Directed Healing SDH, and the Spiritual Mentoring, these can only be done online with a video camera, as I need to be able to see you. I only offering my services online but am planning on doing face to face one on one sessions in the near future. I am currently looking for a place to rent out in which I also will offer Master Series Etheric crystal light bed healing session (10 chakra crystal bed)!

How can you help those who are already on an established  Energy Healing Business, already advanced on their spiritual journey?

For sure!. I will help to bring more flow into your spiritual business by tuning into your energy, and see what needs to be aligned or if there are missing codes, or blocks in your energetic field. I will clear those blocks out and channel the codes that are needed. Think it like this. You will have access to more tools as you have access to more keys. This means more productivity and results for your client!. I will help you to up level yourself, to take that next step. This will result in more alignment, which will bring more flow into your business. Your frequency has to match the frequency of  your offering, of your spiritual business. Often when we are in flow, you will step into alignment with more ease. And the key is to always stay in that flow. This helps with your spiritual business in being more successful and helps  to magnetise your ideal clients. I am a code keeper, I hold ascension codes and have access to all the dimensions.

 I am looking forward to connect with you.

What type of Activations do I do?

Being a starseed as well as from the Angelic realm and a strong affinity to the water and earth element, I can do multiple activations including

Dragon light language, blue avian light language, flower light language and codes, mushroom & trees light language activation, crystals, sacred land sites codes and healing frequencies, water, air, earth etc, fairies and elves, all sea creatures ie sea turtle, hermit crab, dolphin, whale etc, mermaid light language codes and activation, all land animals and mystical creatures codes, Lemurian and Atlantean light language activation, codes and light language for balancing and activating the chakras, organ light language activation and healing, meridian channel activations, including lymphatic system, blood and bone etc. Angelic light language including etheric wing light language activation, solar rishi activation, planets codes, Ascended masters light codes, Sophia light codes, Mother Mary, Lady Venus etc, Activation of a particular starseed race of your choice as I can connect with all of them. I also work with blue ray, pink, silver and gold ray energies but can work with all colour rays activation that may be needed, all plants including seaweed, all animals including sea creatures, arachnoid light language as well, microbes, anything that has a consciousness.  However I will channel only those coming from light, channelling their higher consciousness to assist us with our healing and ascension.

How do I book and make a payment?

You simply message me via email, let me know which service you are interested in, give me your availability. I can work until late into the evening so please don't hesitate to reach out to me even if you are abroad.  Once we have settled on a date and time for your appointment, you go back to the website and make your payment by clicking on the pay now bar. Alternative payment options for UK and USA based clients is via wise account and for Australian residents we have the Bank Money Transfer option. So please message me if you cannot pay via the PayPal link.  is also accepted but please message me beforehand so I can forward you the link. I cannot currently ship physical items such as the flower essences/books to Germany at this stage. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What makes me different to other Light Language Channels?

I have mastered all aspects of light language. I am a very broad channel with the unique ability to draw in all the light, all the codes that each individual or being will need to assist in their personal health and spiritual growth. Not all light language channels are operating at the same frequency. This is the key difference! Most do not have access to all the codes. They may hold codes of trees, codes for some beings, Pheidian codes, Lemurian codes etc but I literally have access to all the codes of the universe as I am a very ancient soul that has been around since the beginning of creation and very connected to the Earth Goddess Gaia. Let me explain...the more access a channeler has to codes, the more they are able to help an individual, and determines the level of healing that can take place. It is like, I crack one door open, but in order to heal what is inside that door I have to travel to another door, so I open door number two and also open the codes there and so forth. Each layer requires certain codes. So imagine if one can unlock all the doors and retrieve the treasure inside all those doors one is going to have more deeper healing than only being able to open or access one door? And lets say for example, your situation may be very deeply rooted and complex, if you were a patient about to go for a complex surgery, you would prefer to be operated by someone that had access to all the modern tools, all the tools that they could possibly need for the success outcome of the surgery? or would you prefer to be operated by someone that had only the basic instruments? So, its basically like that. I can feel the missing links, the blockages, I then draw from source, bring forth all that is required and with precision like the surgeon direct it to where it is needed. You will never be overactivated, when I tune into you my higher self knows exactly where you are on your spiritual journey and knows precisely what is needed and how much of what. It can even be delivered in stages. What this means is, I can set the intention for healing to take place 30 minutes each day at a specific time of day, so every day at that time, you will get more activation and clearing taking place. Your body is very intelligent and higher intuition knows exactly what is needed and all this communicated to me so that my higher self knows exactly what to work on. That is why it doesn't matter if you are a beginner in your spiritual path or an advanced healer, when I tune into your energy I know exactly what is missing, and know where and how much of it is required. Sometimes you don't need a clearing, you could simply be ready to receive more gifts or further deepening of gifts that you already had, making you a even more sought out therapist!

Medical Disclaimer:

I am not a medical doctor and make no claims to being able to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please if you are on current medication please continue with them until your leading health care provider tells you otherwise. My services do not replace your current medical care. My services are meant to compliment and provide additional support but I cannot replace your leading health care provider. If you are going through some major psychotic episodes or are suicidal please see a professional psychologist or psychiatrist.