Review for Womb Healing Session

I recently had 3 one-on-one womb healing sessions with Korinna. I was drawn to undertake this healing process with her as I felt I had energetic blocks which were showing up as anxiety, unworthiness and grief from historical trauma, all of which were keeping me small and making me resist my authentic self. I had never previously worked with light codes, and in fact, I am relatively new on my spiritual path. The wonderful thing about Korinna's sessions is that people of all levels of experience are welcome, and made to feel worthh of healing and connecting with their higher selves. All that is required is to come with an open mind and be willing to receive. Korinna practices intuitively, and so while at the start we may have a plan about how a session will go, it flows according to what the receiver needs at the moment of time. Korinna is divinelly guided to target healing in places you did not think to ask for it, she recognised where my blocks were-for example, in my throat chakra, and also with historical negatice programming - and over the course of our sessions was able to help me clear and re-program. At the end of our last session she spontaneously burst into a joyful song channeled from my angels and guides, which was lovely, and made me feel like I was always divinely supported. The shifts I experienced over time were subtle but powerful. Now looking back I can see how much more flow there is in my life, and how much more confidence I have in attracting my higher purpose to me.

Karla. K

Review for Flower Essence reading and healing

This reading is amazing & so accurate. I can resonate with each flower and meaning so deeply - this is meant for me exactly right now in my life. It has inspired me to trust my intuition. I know that I am on the right path & have have the drops for support. I am very grateful for this opportunity, thank you for all this experience & healing. The overall experience exceeded my expectations. This is perfect for you, you are amazing! I will be recommending you to my friends!


I really enjoyed my flower essence reading with Korinna. I found her to be really insightful and engaging in and I found the reading to be really relevant to what's going on for me right now. 


Review for my Starseed & Lightworker Soul Template Activation

Korinna has a very unique plethora of multi-dimensional gifts. Her enthusiansm for sharing her gifts and being of service is evident. She holds and energized space where activation is lightening fast! I felt very loved and seen in her presence. I appreciated the loving reminders I received from my Lemurian self. Thank you.

Lauran. A

Review for Customised Light Language Activation

My session with Korinna was really special and wonderful. She is gifted , and there is a powerful energy that flows through. I highly recommend her services.